Our Services

At SRS we provide an environment that allow to expand and enhance skills in innovative ways that nurtures creativity and free thinking, and positively impacts Customer Satisfaction and business growth. We support all our stakeholders to be successful in their business by improving competitive advantage using latest technologies in most innovative way. Enabling seamless business transformation!

S/4 HANA Data Migration

In a new implementation of S/4HANA system, data is migrated from SAP system/Non-SAP system to HANA system. S/4HANA provides comprehensive migration solutions with no programming requirement by the customer, automated mapping of data between source and target system, predefined templates, easily integrated custom objects, reduce test effort and minimize downtime.

SAP Implementations, Rollouts and Upgrades

SAP initiative accrue over a very long duration, far longer than the duration of the implementation or upgrade project. This approach helps us work closely with our customers across the entire life expectancy of their SAP solutions in order to identify areas for business improvements and benefits. Our approach is backed by the right mix of people, process, technology and infrastructure.

SAP Support and Maintenance

We offer a range of support services, including long-term plans, embedded teams, remote technology support, a self-service portal, and more. Our experts can help with everything from SAP implementation and maintenance to system improvements and innovation strategies

SAP Functional and Technical consulting services

Regardless of how well an SAP solution or upgrade or service is carried out, the resulting solution has to deliver business value for the customer. It is in this context that our approach of working with our customers as partners, rather than as one-time vendors, is a key differentiator because benefits of a typical SAP initiative accrue over a very long duration, far longer than the duration of the implementation or upgrade project.

Business Analytics

Business analytics (BA) refers to the skills, technologies, practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive businessplanning.
You'll gain a deeper understanding of how big data and analytics are used in four key areas: marketing (customer analytics), human resources and talentmanagement (people analytics), operations, and finance.

Product development with iOS and Android front ends

The primary gap between native and web is not so much technological. It’s user experience. We craft user experience by focusing on web performance, metrics like http caching, optimizing dns lookup times, using minification build scripts, and selecting the best CSS layout engine for the project.